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The Unhealthy Reality in Healthcare

Posted by Frances (Fran) K. Canty, MA, BSN, RN, VA-BC™ on Feb 8, 2017 9:35:00 AM

Dirty Little Secret:

When someone is acutely ill, he/she relies on hospitals with trained professionals and employees to treat or alleviate their symptoms and/or illness(es). The patient puts his/her faith and trust in the healthcare facility and workers to take care of the problem, not add to it.  

But, the reality is that 1 in 25 hospital patients has contracted at least one healthcare-associated infection[1] (or HAI)—many of which are preventable. In 2014, results of a project known as the HAI Prevalence Survey described the burden of HAIs in U.S. hospitals. The results showed that in 2011, there were an estimated 722,000 HAIs in U.S. acute care hospitals, with approximately 75,000 of those patients dying during their hospitalizations. And, more than half of all HAIs occurred outside of the intensive care unit.[2]

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