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A Unique Perspective on National Compliance Rates to the Central-Line Bundle

Posted by Amanda Thornton, CIC, RN, MSN on Sep 6, 2019 10:02:40 AM

A Unique Perspective on National Compliance Rates to the Central Line Bundle

Every Infection Preventionist should know what The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) bundle checklist is to prevent CLABSIs (1):

  1. Follow proper insertion practices
  2. Comply with hand hygiene requirements
  3. Daily CHG bathing for patients over 2 months of age
  4. Scrub the hub with friction immediately prior to each use using an appropriate antiseptic
  5. Use only sterile devices to access lines
  6. Immediately replace dressings that are wet, soiled or dislodged
  7. Perform routine dressing changes with aseptic technique using clean or sterile gloves
  8. Change administration sets for continuous infusions no more frequently than every 4 days, but at least every 7 days
  9. Perform daily audits to see if a central line is still needed, and promptly remove unnecessary lines
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