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Amanda Thornton, CIC, RN, MSN

Amanda joins PDI from Kindred Hospital, where she was Chief Clinical Officer, Infection Control and Employee Health Nurse, and West Region Resource ICP for two years where she utilized her skills in epidemiology and clinical management to reduce healthcare associated infections and increase patient safety. She also served as Corporate Nurse Quality Consultant and Infection Preventionist for the Aurora InnovAge Greater Colorado PACE program and as an instructor and program coordinator of the LPN/CNA programs of Uintah Basin Applied Technology College in Vernal, Utah. . Amanda earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at University of Northern Colorado and her Master of Science in Nursing - Emphasis in Infection Control and Epidemiology at American Sentinel University. She has been board certified in infection control through CBIC (CIC) for several years and will be re-certifying within the upcoming year.

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A Unique Perspective on National Compliance Rates to the Central-Line Bundle

Posted by Amanda Thornton, CIC, RN, MSN on Sep 6, 2019 10:02:40 AM

A Unique Perspective on National Compliance Rates to the Central Line Bundle

Every Infection Preventionist should know what The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) bundle checklist is to prevent CLABSIs (1):

  1. Follow proper insertion practices
  2. Comply with hand hygiene requirements
  3. Daily CHG bathing for patients over 2 months of age
  4. Scrub the hub with friction immediately prior to each use using an appropriate antiseptic
  5. Use only sterile devices to access lines
  6. Immediately replace dressings that are wet, soiled or dislodged
  7. Perform routine dressing changes with aseptic technique using clean or sterile gloves
  8. Change administration sets for continuous infusions no more frequently than every 4 days, but at least every 7 days
  9. Perform daily audits to see if a central line is still needed, and promptly remove unnecessary lines
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Swipe right if compatible

Posted by Amanda Thornton, CIC, RN, MSN on Feb 28, 2019 9:25:00 AM

Swipe right if Compatible

It would be nice if there was just a “one-stop-shop” disinfectant that would do everything7:

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Multi-pronged Approaches to Environmental Decontamination

Posted by Amanda Thornton, CIC, RN, MSN on Sep 4, 2018 8:12:00 AM

There is a lot of evidence showing transmission of pathogens both from surfaces in the healthcare setting as well as on patient and healthcare workers hands as a result of a contaminated environment (1).  To truly mitigate this risk institutions cannot rely on just one method or approach to environmental decontamination.  Rather, a multi-pronged approach must be considered as the new “gold standard” which would include an environmental cleaning program with proven practices to reduce the transmission of organisms, a robust hand hygiene program for both staff, patients, and visitors, and the inclusion of new novel approaches such as UV technology which show proven reduction in organisms on treated surfaces (2).  By utilizing a multi-pronged approach as the new standard of care, facilities are helping to decrease the risk of healthcare associated infections (HAI’s) in the hospital setting that come from a contaminated environment.

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Preventing Legionnaires Disease

Posted by Amanda Thornton, CIC, RN, MSN on Dec 20, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Did you know that one in ten persons who contract the Legionnaires disease will die from it? (1). Although it’s rare that we would even think of Legionnaires; When it rears its ugly head the results can be disastrous for those who are exposed. 

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